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Aghh This website and its related services are currently experiencing various issues due to a sudden loss of server infrastructure.

We'll do our best to restore full functionality as soon as we can.
Thank you for your patience

  1. Update, 2023-03-21 23:25 (UTC): Outgoing mail (i.e. password reset) works again
  2. Update, 2023-03-22 01:40 (UTC): Our code repository has returned from the dead
  3. Update, 2023-03-22 21:45 (UTC): Even although I'm pretty sure Hedgewars doesn't have any bugs whatsoever, ahem, our bugzilla is back.
  4. Update, 2023-03-23 21:50 (UTC): The Knowledge Base's Web-Interface allows KB admins to edit pages again.

Hedgewars Code Stats available again


Just a small heads-up for those interested in code statistics: is finally updating again!

Enjoy Smile

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

SantaSmiley I wish you and your families a wonderful time!

Here, have some awesome pictures by our community!

image by CopherNeue

"Hedgewars-XMAS" by CopherNeue

image by alfadur

"hedgesanta" by alfadur

PS: If you enjoy drawn hedgehogs, also checkout our fan-art section :D

TwitchPlaysHedgewars Event Announcement


The polls are finished and a date for the TwitchPlaysHedgewars-Event was decided:

Cake Monday, 12th of September 2016 Cake

at 6 pm / 18:00 UTC
    2 pm / 14:00 EDT (US East)
  11 am / 11:00 PDT (US West)
    8 pm / 20:00 CEST (Central Europe)

Click here if you need help to find out what time that is at your place.

The event will be held on the TwitchPlaysHedgewars Twitch Channel

Thanks for everyone helping to find a date and hopefully

See you at the event! Big Grin

TwitchPlaysHedgewars Event preparations!

There will be a TwitchPlayHedgewars Event soon! Big Grin

To help us find the exact date(s),
please indicate when you'll have time on this doodle POLL

In TwitchPlayHedgewars the game is controlled by accumulating the chat commands given by players in Twitch chat, more details here.

All you need to participate is to have a Twitch account, so that you can post to chat.

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