[WIP] Just Dance Hats Pack

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I happen to like Just Dance. I also happen to make fanmade avatars. It's kinda obvious this would happen.

The Just Dance Hat Pack, currently a work in progress.

Here are the hats, followed by the names you have to save them as. For example, I'm So Excited must be saved as JD_SoExcited.png, or you won't be able to see everyone else's hats.


I'm So Excited (JD_SoExcited.png)
S.O.S (JD_SOSRihanna.png)

Currently I'm working on these hats:


Love You Like A Love Song
Acceptable in the 80s

I'm playing with this team (with some fillers), so take a look for my team "Just Dancers" Smile

What do you guys think?

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I think the hats look a bit displaced. You can see the spikes through the hats (especially in JD_SOSRihanna.png), but they should be covered by the hat.

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