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Sorry, I just forgot to clean the download links. My DropBox is dead (until I probably contact support), so you have to download from MediaFire. I deleted the first link. I also updated screenshots, but description is a bit outdated too D:

I'm not sure if it should be 2.0 or 1.1 maybe, but this version brought significant changes, so I bumped the number so much. It has unfortunate interaction with the actual name, though. It's called HWTE2, because it's a completely new program from the first editor.

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Dead Dropbox :O ?
How that's happen Annoyed ?
My Dropbox will end the same way, right O_? *while praying"

Go away bad feelings!
um, then, uh, all your Dropbox link is dead by now? Maybe you need to clean up all of them if you have time =|

And, Indeed...
Its not HTE 1, because this one is completely different than HTE 1. But you have made heavy changes to HTE 2, making it to be called HTE 2 will make it feel the same before all these changes (which is not good, it should have another name indicating its new IMO)
So, in my view
Its not either HTE 1 or HTE 1.1 because its completely different than now. And 'better' not HTE 2 as well because HTE 2 is far behind due heavy changes on this new one. Not a problem to call it HTE 2 but I think it deserve better (hey! you've worked real hard to get to this position, aren't you!?). But to be note that I'm only saying my thought, nothing more ^^. So, whatever its name, at least it get what it deserve and being something new that different from its ancestor

And again
KoBeWi, Congratulations for taking it into a new level of Hot Thread Big Grin !!! You have been take your HTE 2 Post into where the champion should be. And its now have 2 pages!

Now, I going to try pretending being a kitten (again)
OwO Meow?


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Version 2.0.1 is out!

I was able to reproduce and finally fix an eternity-old crash. Apparently, when working for a longer period with editor open, it would eventually crash for no reason. I suspected what was the reason, but I didn't actually tried to fix it until now.

So, the problem was, when editor detects any change to images in theme directory, it will try to reload tabs and refresh images. However, if an image was changed, and it existed, but wasn't available, editor failed to load it and crashed. This could happen when for example you had a very big image, so saving it took 1 or 2 seconds, editor tried to refresh it before the image fully saved, and failed because the image is usually locked while being saved.

My fix was to cache faulty object and remove it temporarily. Luckily, when saving is finished, editor is triggered again, so it can restore the object and update its graphic. Ah, funny stuff.





Pls update your translations. More details in 2.0 release post. I could use Google Translate because, fun fact, they vastly improved their translations recently due to usage of neural networks. However, you volunteered to make the translations, so I'll give you a chance >_>


v. 2.0.2

-added (%) next to flowing speed, to indicate better what it does
-dust changed to version from Graphics
-added sd-tint support
-support for mirrored clouds/flakes
-fixed a bug that made Theme tab reload infinely if contents of Music was changed

New translation changes: http://lpaste.net/1489448203886526464


Uh. v. 2.0.2a

-fixed customization tab
-small fix to texts

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KoBeWi allegedly wrote:

It's finally here! Completely new, rewritten theme editor! Now cross-platform, easier to use and with language localization support!

We had a Java course recently and it inspired me to use Java to re-make my editor. Java has two advantages over Ruby (which I used previously): it has built-in GUI, so you don't need to install anything and everyone uses Java (or at least, it's more likely that you have Java installed than Ruby interpreter).

A list of changes and additions compared to previous editor:

-No more single executable. While idea of having a small, single program, that works locally, is interesting, it's easier to have it in one place.

-Game/user path is saved. Since editor can now have configuration file, it stores game/user path to Hedgewars, which allows for some nice features.

-Language localization support. The editor will automatically make attempt to detect your system language and switch to it. You can of course set the language manually. Currently available are English, Polish, Russian and German, I will need some translators to make new languages.

-Better organized editor tabs. Since Java GUI has all the features you would want, I made a proper tabs, which are also scrollable. Especially customization tab benefited from this, it now even allows for image previews.

-Color depth detection. Editor will warn you if some image has wrong color depth.

-Template loading. Saving game's path allowed to be able to directly copy template images to your theme with a single button click.

-Automatic change detection. Whenever you edit some image in your theme directory, or add something or delete, editor will automatically re-load all image data.

-Pack theme into zip. You can make a .hwp file with a button click and it will automatically pack the theme and any custom music used. Package will appear in PackedThemes directory.

I think that's all.
Here are the screenshots for each tab:


I though some features aren't very important, so I've put them on eventual TODO list:

-Adding more tooltips. There are already here, but we could have more, right?

-Adding more warnings. Warning appears when theme may crash the game. Currently I'm checking everything the old editor checked, but if you encounter new problem, post it here so I can add a warning.

-Safeguard against crashing. Editor will work perfectly (probably) with a proper .cfg file, but wrong one may crash it. However, you can break it in so many ways, that I doubt this feature is needed. If you load a theme, just don't edit it manually.

-Translating file chooser. The current file chooser uses a pre-defined texts, which don't support localization by default. Not sure if that's important, since it's self-explanatory and you use it only once.

-Maybe there could be possibility to preview music from editor, but Java doesn't support .ogg files natively.

And some final notes:

-When you run editor for the first time, it will ask you to select path to Hedgewars game directory and your Hedgewars user directory.

-There's no save button. Everything saves automatically every 3 seconds.

-Editor will detect themes in your user Themes directory, but it will only list directories with theme.cfg file. If you want to make a new theme, create directory and make an empty config file there.

Editor requires Java Standard Edition 8 to be installed to run it. Old version was tested to be able to run on Debian, it should work on any OS that has Java.
Report any bugs you encounter, and in case of crash, post the crash log.txt that normally appears (when editor crashes, it usually gets "frozen")

Also, if you want to translate the editor to your language, go to Data directory and copy Language_en file and change name to Language_xx, where xx is code of your system language (like en, pl, de etc.). Post your translation files here, so I will add them to the editor.

That's all. Here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/quz3q41yncplae4/HedgewarsThemeEditor2.zip

Have fun!

Translation credits:
German - Wuzzy
Russian - ivan866

Just downloaded. Looks totally awesome. Will give feedback as dreaded.

May God be with you, Always.

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Bugfix update: v. 2.0.3

-removed the trailing newline in saved themes, because the crash it caused was fixed
-fixed a bug, which caused package corruption if more than one packed theme used the same music
-warnings now properly disappear upon fix
-altered border color name, to mention it changes land spray too
-fixed crash when you saved image externally during editing object
-when zipping package crashes, there's a proper error message now
-added some exceptions to package creation, to avoid packing system files

New translation diff: http://lpaste.net/4054601744791896064
(contains changes from previous releases, because they aren't translated yet)

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