How are the teams ranked?

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Does the ranking of the teams shown after a match make any sense?
It seems the teams in the list are pretty random except the winning team.
The number of kills does not seem to play any role here, nor the order in which the teams have been defeated.

So: How are the teams ranked after a Normal match?

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Haven't investigated that yet.
However I also noticed that they are not sorted by survival.

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Please explain these XD
i curious about that too Big Grin

How the Team Got Ranked ? in Worms it likely clear about the ranked team (i think),,,
here ? just dunno,,, Wuzzy are right about it,,, random,,,


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Thanks for sharing

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Wow, what an old thread you just dug out! Big Grin

Anyway, there's an answer to this question now!

Now, in version 1.0.0, the team ranking is as follows: The winning clan is rank 1 (this was always the case by the way), the other ranks are sorted by survival. That means, the longer your clan survived, the better your rank. If your clan is the one that got eliminated last, you rank 2nd, if you got eliminated before that, you rank 3rd, and so on.
And it's also possible for clans to tie when they died in the same turn.
More about that here: Rules of the game.

Back in 2016, when I asked this question, I was not a member of the developer team yet and Hedgewars was still officially unfinished. Back in 2016, there was indeed no logical order in the team ranking yet. Rank 1 was always the winner (obviously) but the other ranks had no logical sorting whatsoever, because none had been implemented yet. If I recall correctly, the “ranking” was based on which whatever order the teams were added in the list of teams. This wasn't intentional, it was only because no real ranking order has been implemented at this point. But I'm not sure anymore. What is sure is that the order indeed didn't make any sense back then.

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