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Alright! Time for this weeks post! If you were a developer, what would you add new to the game? (E.g such as a new weapon or a new game mode.) IN NO WAY is this trying to be offensive Smile
Please leave also down below some ideas you want me to cover in future posts! Thanks for commenting and watch out for next weeks post!

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So, as a developer, I'd probably try to implement every (my) idea from this topic: http://www.hedgewars.org/node/6065
And maybe add an easy way to make a new weapons (which would eventually allow for weapon factory and team weapons). Also, GUI for script parameters would be nice too.

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For me, since I'm a Star Wars nut, I would add LIGHTSABERS. Or maybe... a banana gun!!!

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When i become a Developer,,,
I Will complete the ideas request,,, or at least get work on it,,,

I Implementing/adding/upgrading EVERY Idea that possible and WELL Fit in the game,,,
Include : Weapon Ideas, Bug fixes, Utility Ideas, Add-On Ideas, and Suggestion from all Member (Include the Dead),,, as it still can be accepted by the game itself and fit the game well,,,

Only this,,, makes EVERY Member of Hedgewars LOVE Hedgewars EVEN WORSE,,, that can make another people play Hedgewars,,, and this is the start the new Forum with Active Member that will be soon, replace me as Devs when i get TOO Busy or going to my Last RIP,,, My Legacy of Hedgewars Realm will still living by giving it to Hedgewars Member itself,,, so Hedgewars Never die,,,

This is a very Dramatic story :'S

Only with accomplish those ideas,,, make the game life get refreshed again,,,



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  1. Rewrite the game in C++.
  2. Make it client-server instead of p2p
  3. Write a plugin system so anyone can run modded servers and they will just work.

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