[WIP] TTS v2.7 ,,, Long way to Wait

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Hi guys Big Grin

My first post since Out for some time when i on Exam and many other things to do,,,

Its about TTS v2.7 Which i can't say how bigger it is than v2.6

See these Samples from my New Weaponary system :
/// For a Snapshot during Weapon Show of Orichalcix Nuke in Video below,,,

Orichalcix Nuke allegedly wrote:

PS : Its Not Perfect, instead, its include some Texts Mistake,,,
The "Quadrinix" is wrong, which actually what is right is "Orichalcix"


Really,,, Actually, its just three sample,,,

Now, TTS we have more new Custom Weapon :

CustomWeapon Included allegedly wrote:

UltimateWeapon - Orichalcix Nuke
UltimateWeapon - Supernova
OmegaWeapon - Zeta Strike
OmegaWeapon - Sunburn
OmegaWeapon - Rhoton
OmegaWeapon - Lazer
MegaWeapon - Sandstorm
MegaWeapon - Minigun
MegaWeapon - Raining Explosives
SuperWeapon - Muzzler

be remember, this is just for now,,,
I Let anyone to add Suggestions,,,

In TTS, some Feature include (for now) :

Features for Now allegedly wrote:

/// PS : NOT SHORTED AND NOT COMPLETE (Maybe some feature not included here due Author's mistake to not include it here)
WWM -- 'World War Mode' that occur when a match played only with Human Players
ESM -- 'Endless Survival Mode' that occur when a mathc played with at least one Bots Player
EDM -- 'Endless Defense Mode' that occur when a match played with Bots Players and Humans player with maximum 2 Clan inside
EWM -- 'Endless Warfare Mode' that occur when a match played with Bots Players and Humans player with minimum 3 Clan inside
Cash -- Used to buy
Score -- Score Points
ULevel -- Level System for User
ZLevel -- Level System for Al
HP Max -- HP Gauge Limitation
Upgrades -- Upgrade System
Attribute -- Stats of a Hog
Discount -- Cost Discount when using Money to Buy
ZPower -- Special Power Buff for Bots
Killstreak -- Counter of Kill in a Row within a turn
Goldbag -- Bonus Target to gain Extra Cash by destroying it
Augmentation -- Second damage layer which is independent effect
Ressistance -- A Damage reduction that restore HP after occured which acts like a damage reduction
Vampirism -- HP Restoration that gained after damage other hog
Recovery -- A System that restore HP every Turn with HP Stock in Hog's Storage that gained from taking damage
Critical -- Extra Damage from normal Damage Percentile that occur with a set of Chance every attack
Miss -- A Chance for an Attack to be Erased to a hog with this Miss Chance
Income -- A System that give every Team a specific amount of Income every turn
Absorbency -- Amount of Damage absorbed and added into HP Stock Storage which picked up with Recovery System
ClassicWeapon -- Original weapon that have Basic level in Military Power
SuperWeapon -- Weapon class which include powerful Weapon include Classic Weapon and Custom Weapon
MegaWeapon -- Custom weapon which have greater Effect than Superweapon
OmegaWeapon -- Special weapon that Deadly and Destructive which have Massive effect
UltimateWeapon -- Ultimate Class Weapon,,, Only has a few, Very Rare Member in it...

Be note again that that list is not Perfect, when maybe i not include something, or i can say,,, something may Missing there

And some feature which in A Long To-Do list :

To Do for Now allegedly wrote:

Ultratech -- A Temporary, Super Upgrades
Powerup -- A Set of Bonus Stats for a Duration
Force -- A Chance to add Force effect to hog
Eventgen -- Generator for a Random Event to be occured every turn of the game
Investment -- A System to increase Income output by input specified Cash into the Investment
Traps -- Spawning of Traps using Fake Crates
Deposit -- A System to Deposit specified Cash amount to be picked when the cash is below 5000
Trade -- A System to Trade an Item with another team
ZBoss -- Boss of a Bot with a unique set of power in Survival Mode
Lifeguard -- Ressurrect hog when drown and if have HP > 0
Regen -- Regeneration of HP every Turn
Ability -- A Power that Actively to be Activated Manually which make specific effect
Energy -- A Poibt that used to use Ability
Achivement -- Set of Objective to reach a point of Achievement which officially created within only the game
Challenge -- Set of Objective that created by any user and with any conditions
Parameter -- An Extra Setup that can be set with scheme option
Easter -- Unique Things that only used as an accessory ingame without effecting the game
Stun -- Disable all action of hog that can be done within a duration
Sleep -- Make a Team pass their turn if hog take turn was Sleeping
UHog -- A Summery of All Total Point gained by Hog within its lifetime
Return -- Damage taken by a Returned Feedback
Karma -- Damage taken every damaging other hog
Deflect -- Number a hog can Deflcet a Projectile near which will be bounce over when come too near
Reflect -- A Chance of an attack have a reduced damage ater delivered
Poison -- A Low DPS that occur everytime until the Long Duration expired which totally has a High damage but Non-Lethal
Burn -- A High DPS that occur everytime until the Short Duration expired which totally has a Medium damage but Lethal
Pillage -- Amount of Cash taken that occur when a hog damage other
Drainage -- Amount of Energy drained from a Damage to other
Grip -- Anti-Force that reduce force effects which only reduce when 'Force' effecting
Suppression -- Amount of Bonus Friction
Block -- Reduce all Effect taken

Be note for again,,, that maybe something missing there in To-Do,,,

You can add my To-Do list to add more and more in TTS

YOU CAN SUGGEST Something to be ADDED in TTS ^^
Suggest in Comment Sections Below...



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New Weapon
Name : "Rhoton"
Class : OmegaWeapon
Sample : [ avi ]
PS ON SAMPLE : Wrong Word on " Rhoton = Eraser Phoron " Should Be -> " Rhoton = Eraser Photon "


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