Maps finished, unfinished, already shared or not, some SVG and PSD + one i'd like to see finished one day

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i recently came back to Hedgewars !

Back in the days i created some maps, mostly shoppa maps,

i found some of my files and want to share them before i lost them, so here is a dropbox link where you'll find some .SVG and .PSD of maps, some are already in game ( some are not and are very ... bad ^^

Also, i had a project : creating a map for normal games (here i mean : no shoppa maps :p ) , i probably won't finish it but if anyone wants to :

The idea was to have two side, one side : beach like ; and the other side : Cave/cavern... I think it is not really bad but the drawing could be smoooooother !

Tell me what you think about this !

the beachs hogs surfin hedgewars

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I think, I like It Big Grin !!! Game on

I Comment here to push you for finishing it bruuh Smile !!!
So, lets finish it, cuz i like this idea Smile)
[ Vote to Finish it : +1 ]

OPINION : Please rethink and rethink how you would make the landscape so the player can play there better I mean, rethink how the player will make a defensive position, its offensive route, some trances, pit, holes, even defensive structure ^^ !!! Be considering that the gameplay is more important than the graphic (for me)

IDEA : If you can, make a Tower. Which have some teleportation sites to transport player up or down the tower fast. Example : CFG in Hedgewars Mission

Its beautiful idea m8, hope can see it official soon :DDD


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