I'm back!!!

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I haven't made a post in a looooong time, so apologies Smile . To get back into the swing of things, I think we should do something new: What kind of player are you?
(Examples: Hardcore player, on and off player, raging player)
What kind of Hedgewars player are YOU?
Comment down below
I'll tell you who I am once I get 5 replies Big Grin

Oh man waddup

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I'm a modder. I play with bots and my mods.

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I'am The UltiMaxKom, uh i mean let me try again ;/

I'am The Codex
I spend most time to writing, Library, Scripts, and its all Codes.
Creating new function, new Weapon, new System in Hedgewars is my Job, no, i mean my hobby
So if you need a formula, or a question. I'm Perfectly Opened for Anyone
Though i'm not know everything, but you can ask me for solutions in your problem...
[ "Seeking and Finding is Me, Don't Worry, I'll Find You" ]

If you ask In-Game Gameplay. Then

I'am The Fool
Its the best(for me?) Card in Tarot Games.
The Fool is The Enigma there, its "Unnumbered" and have Unknow Potential.
The Fool can be Anything and its considered as Holy since The Fool Start at the Most Clean and Without any Sins...
[ "I can be Good or Bad, Anyway, i just born today" ]

But if you asking Skills. Then

I'am The Enigma
Its maybe a Mystery Box when talking about skills
To be honest, I think I'm really bad (worst?) in Hedgewars
Its Luck for me, you can say i'am so Fragile and Unknown
Since i know, that even me, don't know how my Skill going when i fighting with enemies xD
[ "Never Say You Know Me Well. The Secret itself, is Me" ]

Lol, classic, its me Big Grin
Long and Unclear, sorry for my bad English ;C
[ Spoiler : Its my true form >_< ]

Conclusion : Idk who I'am in Hedgewars Q_Q
Dat_Boi : I Just Come Back to Hedgewars for less than a week ;(
What yours ^^ ?


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I am an on and off I guess.
I play some, but not addicted, though I love the game
But yep, when I play against others, I am a, ahem, oob-nay (Pig latin)
Big Grin
glad I am back!!!

Oh man waddup

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