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Hello people,

This thread will update you on frontend development, which is now very much underway.
Feel free to post suggestions, criticisms, requests and so on in this thread and I'll read and consider all of them.
Not all suggestions will be agreed with or implemented, but all will be appreciated!

So, what does the frontend look like right now? I'm glad you asked


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Looks really good, I just don't like the image-based "About" button, would be better if we can translate it, and it's easier when it's no image-based. You may make a little wider icon showing a bunch of hedges(with paintbrush, glasses, some with flags(translators) etc.) Smile instead(with no text on the icon, or with frame with "About" text below). / GG: 3747253

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Update: added icons to multiplayer menu.

Alzen, that might come later, but I like the about button at the moment and I think translating it isn't that big a deal, it's not an important button and most people know what it does anyway, even if english isnt their first language.

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Great work Wink Smiley I really like it...


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Seems that we might be able to choose tileset / themes for generated maps !
Very good work indeed Smile

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hey guys

shit, that's really well done! this would improve hedgewars for sure...
people will like it... and so do I ;o)

regards from Switzerland

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It looks good.. Version from SVN has got it but isn't finished yet....

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Looking really good so far, what would be cool is to have a little Hedgewar going on the background while you navigate the frontend ala Worms 1, though I guess it would be pointless and make it longer to load...............

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Guys, I was on holiday on this week, and now there is the new frontend??It's great!!!As soon as possible I will return to irc to say how fantastic you are!A little question, is there something new to translate now, isn't it?

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Will there be sounds? Because it really won't feel like game-worthy menus without sounds!

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