[Wallpaper] The Duel - A Wallpaper on its "Dead-End"

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I want to tell you a story Wink Smiley

There a little guy, who boring to life that night
And got some creative ideas that he think can be spoiled with drawing
So he grab his virtual device with application to draw images
Then he starts painting, from scratch, alone, in his little room
One image for starter, but fail, then he try another one, and works good
And now he is really close to finish his works, he save the work and print it, so it safe
Because he feel so sleepy, he goes to his bed a meter next to his workspace
And he taking a little nap, he think
While the virtual device still on and its charged even its battery is full
But, unfortunately, he accidentally fall asleep and forget his works
After some minutes, he wake up, because he remember what he forget, to turn off the device
He instantly stand up and tell some jokes
Lol no, I mean he stand up and go to his table to end this damn-boring story
Then he grab his virtual device then close all application in it so it can be turned off
He do it, close all of the application running
Include his drawing application
The application ask to save his work before quitting
So he did, picking yes option
So sad however
He overwrite the fking good save data that are really close to be finished with old, fail one
He realize what he have done
Sad, but as the egg has cracked, then there are no way back except go onward and say "adasascxazsdasadwa..." for some sort of, uhm, ten billion times all the night long
He have post his retarded story to his favorite game forum
with some silly words

[no happy ever after ending][retarded.grammar_confirmed]

Um, is it good?
The story is good right?
It damn way good x)

So here I'am, stuck with this endlessly looping story until I upload my wallpaper
And without relation with the story, I want to upload another fanart wallpaper

This Fanart Wallpaper is on its final version
1440x1080 px, 5 MB approx and no more updates
Because I been REKT UP by overwriting its PSD file (editable file)
And thus making my whole effort end here
This is the PNG of that lost PSD, the only one after the accident
I not mentioning the story ;[ (lol)

Download: The Duel

I'm sorry for the quality okay D: ?
The thing is, I can't do any further
Its 3 am! its a freaking sleepy condition!
So thats why I didn't focus and overwrite the damn file =|


by the way
this is note to you guys who asking why I can back online (well, nobody does xD)
well, my sister in village have a wifi router
I went to village from two days ago, so I can use his wifi for awhile until I back to city
but however
The connection is really bad (5 MB is about one minute (approx))
For who (again) asking why I use Dropbox again and not using Imgur (another one, nobody does derp)
Well, its a heavy stuff to do if you are using this type of connection, I lazy to do it atm @_@
Sign Up, verification, sign in, do basic thing, explore new world, learn it, then upload...
Those are really heavy for lazy level 99 with lazy boost condition x)
Just if I got better connection ( |O|_|O|)


Anyway, pushing problem aside
and say:
hope good day for you guys ^^

And one more thing: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME


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Another amazing wallpaper D:
It slightly feels like poor amateur work (like, you know, guys that put together low quality stuff in Paint), but you somehow manage to use different effects together to make it look good. Your art will likely improve, but it's already something I'm not sure if I could achieve D:

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