Potential new minigame: Death by water

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See demo here for a better idea, and make sure to watch the whole thing.
Install it into the user demo directory to view. Punch!

I created another minigame, where the goal is to the escape the rising water and get to the very top of the arena. It has the following core rules applied:

  • Indestructible border on the bottom
  • Laser Sight
  • Low Gravity
  • Everything affected by wind
  • Random team goes first
  • Indestructible Terrain
  • Unlimited Attacks
  • Invulnerability (amount of inital health won't matter anymore)
  • AI Revival (the most crucial rule of this minigame, or it will end early)

Other core gameplay parts:

  • Style used is Normal, so the goal is still to get rid of the enemy hogs.
  • Turn time lasts for 30 seconds, so try to make moves more quickly.
  • There usually are no weapons that can deal damage available.
  • The ways to move around the arena are by these utilities: rope, construction, portable portal device, flying saucer, land spray, rubber, parachute, and switch hedgehog. Mudballs are also included, but they are only useful in knocking away AI hogs.
  • All utilities available are in unlimited supply.
  • No crates of any kind, including health ones, will ever drop anytime in this minigame.
  • To reduce obstacles of any kind, no mines barrels, or air mines will appear.
  • Sudden deaths comes into play after the first turn, but there is no damage dealt. However, the water can rise by 100 pixels, so try not to waste time unless all human-player hogs are safe.
  • To get to the top after there is no more terrain to climb to, use girders. The topmost girders should be placed near the top of the arena boundaries so as to not give the AI hogs any room to respawn.
  • Ensuring that the AI hogs are unable to respawn due to lack of solid terrain within arena boundaries is the only way to win matches where the AI Revival rule is applied.
  • If the arena sides are set to 'Sea', the minigame becomes more challenging, as girders now have to be built towards its center.
  • At least one human-player and one AI hog is required to play this minigame. More human-player hedgehogs will make this minigame more challenging, but more AI hogs will not.

I'm open to suggestions about what I can do to make minigame better, and if needed, I'll also show the scheme and weaponsets used themselves. Eventually, I hope to turn this into an official minigame. Wink Smiley

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Preventing AI revival due to respawn got a lot harder when we added a 2nd pass without hog proximity restrictions ☺

I guess to make it a little easier we could maybe forbid AI respawning on top of hogs. Could use another terrain mask flag for that.

A lua script could force that with a mask I guess.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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