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Hello again!
Didn't recognize me? Well, no surprise at all x)

After ~7 Weeks
I found an interesting web in this vast internet
Which contain a list of Open Source Games available (best it said)
And I found one familiar title on my ear

Most other games has complete description, pros, and cons
While some have none
And our Hedgewars isn't completed in description and just two pros

Well, I decide to add more
Add description, add and update pros (well, I update those two cuz they're so short without detail in them)
I've added one more pros, and leave cons blank (weeee!!!)

But get me thinking: Is it legit?
Well, that why I ask them here
Asking for permission while also asking to our Hedgewarrior a call for help in vote
Vote Hedgewars in this web! (Maybe there are more similar web to this one, but idk, didn't check all of it, just this one is enough. So, if you find another, be sure to thumbs up Hedgewars!)

What I've said: (in hope of permission)

Hedgewars Description allegedly wrote:

"Hedgewars is a free and open-source turn-based strategy artillery game. Similar to Worms and WarMUX. Players control a team of hedgehogs across a deformable landscape, battling other computer- or player-controlled teams. Hedgewars is available on different platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It was also ported for Android and iOS. Which is released under the GNU General Public License v2"

Details for Pros.no1 by BraveAstghik (Update) allegedly wrote:

PRO Free Worms Clone!
"Just like Worms, but its 100% Free! Active, and still in progress where you can contribute and make your own styles, schemes, map, even your own game modes! With a handful help from its friendly community, you can make it further and further. Anyway, its Open Source!"

Details for Pros.no2 by BraveAstghik (Update) allegedly wrote:

PRO Stable
"Bugs isn't something to worry here. You can either go singleplayer or multiplayer with LAN or go Online with your friends locally nor from afar."

My added Pros allegedly wrote:

PRO Well packed
"Start Bazooka, advanced to Homing Ballistic weapon, if not enough then mess everyone else up with the Superweapons. And when you're going pro then try the Ropes to fly the entire map in style. It has variety of Weapon-Utilities to master, yet limitless of imagination to make"

I know that my words may cheesy (and overkill?)
That's why you may update it instead!

More telescope?
Here it is:
What are the best open-source games?

I hope everyone here add more
Cuz it will be great Wink Smiley!

PS: I searching other Open-Source Games in cure of my boredom (highly toxic boredom level)


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Of course it's legit to talk about Hedgewars in the Internet.
That was just a silly question.

I think the description is rather poor, it says almost nothing about gameplay and misses out on some of the features, like scripting.

I hate game description which only refer to other games instead of explaining. Although the heavy incluence of Worms can't be denied, obviously.

I like this description more:

But this shouln't be a surprise, because I wrote it. xD But it's also more complete anyway.

Here are a few of the games I like (which are not on the list):

- Cubosphere
- Naev
- Voxelands

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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