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A hat is a decorative adornment for hedgehogs. When you're building a team, you can select a hat for each team.

Normally, hats are purely decorative and carry no gameplay meaning. In some game modes, hats are used to symbolize a hedgehog's role.


Geek Samurai! Ushanka! Straw Hat! Green Cap! Lemon! Indian Chief Bandit!

To change the hats of your team, go to main menu, hit the settings button, tab “Game” and select the team to edit. Now just choose the hats you like. To remove the hat, select “NoHat”.

Each hedgehog can have its own hat. Hedgewars comes with over 100 hats to choose from, and more can be added.

The Hedgewars community creates and shared more hats at https://www.hedgewars.org/node/690

If you want to create your own hats, see Hats.

Styles and game modes

Crown! Why so serious? Sloooowpoke! Glasses! Ninja Full! Clown! Spartan!

In a few styles and game modes, some or all hats which the hedgehogs wear will be replaced. This is usually done to display a special role of the hedgehog.

This is a list of hats as used in styles and game modes:

Team hats

Big Grin

Most hats look the same on each hedgehog. But there are a few special hats—called “team hats”—which change color depending on who wears it.
A team hat has always the color of the team of its wearer.
For example, if your hog wears cap_team and it is the member of a green team, the cap is green.

List of official team hats in version 1.0.0:

  • cap_team
  • hair_team
  • punkman
  • TeamHeadband
  • TeamSoldier
  • TeamTophat
  • TeamWheatley

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