[Mission] Advanced Rope Training

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Hi! I have created the Advanced Rope Training.

Become a ninja!
Ninja Full! Big Grin

This is the continuation of Basic Rope Training from Hedgewars 0.9.24.
This mission is for those who already have some basic rope skills, but want to learn some lesser known stunts. You should have completed Basic Rope Training first before you try this.

Goal: Read the instructions and show off 5 rope stunts:

  • Rope-knocking
  • Aerial push
  • Wall bounce
  • Force push
  • Sliding towards and away

The game explains you how to perform each of these stunts. Use this knowledge wisely, perfect for Shoppa games! Big Grin



Requires Hedgewars 0.9.24 or later.

Please give feedback! Smile I first want to hear player feedback before I consider including this training into official Hedgewars.

If you have ideas for more rope tricks, please let me know.

See also: Rope

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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Whoa! I didn't know about most of those tricks. Definitely, this mission should be added to the game.

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Really cool ! I didnt even know about the wall bounce !

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Wuzzy allegedly wrote:
If you have ideas for more rope tricks, please let me know.
Water skip?

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Yeah, water skip and also (accurately) throwing weapons through modest size gaps at a target. Can be handy if you have like a bazooka but you can't place it on a hog in a corner without blowing yourself up. Or just tossing something dangerous far far away.

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Wuzzy allegedly wrote:

I want to hear feedback before I consider including this training into official Hedgewars.

If you have ideas for more rope tricks, please let me know.

Nice! I quite enjoyed this training. I think it definitely merits inclusion into official, though I felt some of the showmissions go on too long and it would be nice to be able to dismiss them with a keypress (e.g. precise aim).

Talking about shoppa moves can be challenging as different players use different terminology (I would call your "wall bounce" a "reverse bounce", for example). Some moves also bleed into or follow-on-from each other, but where the end-result of something is markedly different, I would consider it a distinct "move".

With that said, the missing moves (that I can think of) are:

Aerial Acceleration: This move involves accelerating your hog while it is in mid-air without it touching any land. You need to connect the rope to a surface and (usually) shorten the rope and release within a very short frame of time. This will give your hog a speed boost and is generally used as an alternative to horizontal force pushing when players want to rapidly cross horizontal distances without the need of ground.

Basic Bounce: Probably too simple for an "advanced" training, but this is the first move all shoppas learn and can be used to traverse to pretty much any part of the map. It involves rebounding off terrain and quickly releasing the rope. A lot of players call this "wall bounce" which is why I think the term "wall bounce" in the training is a bit confusing. In the rope wiki they just call this move "bouncing".

Circular knock: This is a move used to knock hogs that are usually on small circular bits of land, that have no other land nearby. Without enough space, or any roof and side to attach to, the player must move in a circular arc to slide into the hog and knock it off.

Close Push (horizontal): As in rope wiki.

Close Push (launch): This is a dangerous move that 95% of players can't reproduce reliably (also the 5% that say they can are lying). The move is similar to the horizontal close push, but instead of jamming yourself next to the desired target you jam yourself underneath it. If successful, you can launch both yourself and the enemy hog sailing into the air. Unfortunately, more often than not, the enemy hog acts as a barrier and your hog instead craters into the ground for significant damage.

Force Push (vertical): This move uses the same principles of the normal (horizontal) force push, but is instead used to rapidly scale walls, or descend faster than the base falling speed.

Hog Separation: Often the enemy team will use a force push or slide to group your hogs with theirs in hopes you won't risk hurting them and your own hogs at the same time. This move uses a series of extremely precise aerial pushes to separate your hogs from the enemy ones.

Object Throw (thanks nemo): As nemo's description.

Semicircular Arc: A bit hard to describe. This move bleeds into some others, but is largely recognizable as any maneuver that begins by pushing into the ground like a force push, but then instead of using that power to move horizontally, the user pulls in the rope and converts the potential energy into angular momentum, resulting in the hog moving in a semicircular arc. The user then releases to fly away at high speed anywhere between 0-180 degrees. This move is commonly used to get airborne very quickly at the start of a round or cover vast horizontal distances by flinging the hog across the map.

Semicircular Throw: A slower, but more reliable form of the semicircular arc. This move uses the same semicircular motion as the arc above (for similar results), but instead of the energy being generated by the beginnings of a force push, it is generated by a wall bounce.

Upwards nudge: This move is typically used when the player encounters a hog on a slope. The player performs a tiny and precise aerial push to move the desired hog "upwards" on the slope. This is typically done either to enable a better position in which to knock the hog, or to set them up for a jump-knock / additional fall damage.

Water skip (Thanks KoBeWi): As KoBeWi's description.

Weaponless strike: The final move. This move is a little tricky and is only used when all other moves are no longer viable, and the player has no access to weapons. It involves executing an exceedingly rapid aerial push that actually damages both the player and the hog that it hits. This move is mostly seen when two shoppas are down to their last hog and the player whose turn it is draws a utility crate. If the opponent has low life the active player can effectively either draw or win the game with this desperate move.


Did I miss any? Maybe a roof-assisted wall-bounce slide? (But again, some would say that is really 2 different moves chained together and not a unique move. Terminology / move classification is haaarrrd).

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hello to all, can anybody tell me where to place this file? i wasnt here a long time..i am on windows 7


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Hi eldiablo!

Linux: ~/.hedgewars/Data Windows: My Documents/Hedgewars/Data

But, since Wuzzy has admin access you'd think he could just host this on DLC so you can click on it.

BTW, we have a button in the DLC app interface that should open the folder above for managing what you installed. So you can use that to find those paths too for manually adding things.

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