[Shower Thought] Hedgewars Mobile Progress Advancement? Freelance Away!

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Welp, it's like the title; it's a silly shower thought!
SHOWER THOUGHT! *scream loudly like a maniac*

Well, here it is *drumbeats intensify*
We need to advance for Hedgewars Mobile port, amrite?
We need a programmer for that, amrite?
Okay then, let me guess; your guesses are right (xD)
*Ta-da!* *MINDBLOWN* *#logig* *kill-me-please* *lol^2*

Okay, I know, silly as heck right xD?
It's just a thought, A SHOWER THOUGHT!!


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Excellent idea! Mobile Hedgewars is pretty good already, and this will make it even better Smile


Oh man waddup

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And who is going to pay for it?

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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Wait, so FREElancers don't work for free? D:


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@Wuzzy - Hhhhh
Juz' sayin' though! But well, we could theoretically *ahem* ask some sort of donations for it via Server Lobby news board, if devs want ofc--Hedgewars is an Open Source, we couldn't ask more than a humble donation from player themselves, without any force in the process.

If one does donate then it's a form of support for Hedgewars! A very big and direct support! And well... We didn't ask it or smth, its all user's very own choice =)

Just lay the hat around (lobby/forum/etc), then say the words made by our deepest heart, saying things like: 'this is a donation link for Hedgewars, that devs use to hire some Freelancer guy to help us write codes; for some important feature like porting/fixing Hedgewars for mobile devices, adding more weapon, or simply for adding more graphical/sound assets for Hedgewars and etcetera etcetera. Thanks for your attention and time reading this!' or something like that--Make it interesting, but in essence: it's a real thing to come!

Regardless if one wants to do it or not. Either way, we have tried, there's no harm in it.
Nah, that's just a shower thought. What can I say? ^^

LMAO xD Didn't realize that x) And yeah, why xO?
Really, it's just like the word "Building" - Why? It's already "Built" anyway.
Or you can "Drink" a "Drink" but can't "Food" a "Food" x6
Or ~expand with your own ideas~

Derpface, I'm no linguist or someone with the English mothertongue (nor good at English lol) but I still think these are kinda... weird xD


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