[Shower Thought] Dev's Day/Night!

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Do you know The Guys Night in Regular Show?
Probably not. But similar to that, I had an idea that could boost Hedgewars chance of faster progression, for devs. How? How about making/declare a day at a specific time (if the timezone allows so) for every week (or every approved interval), Hedgewars developers play/join online Hedgewars? This does works like a reunion, but more frequent (frequent but shorter is better). This way developers know more about the common problems in online play of Hedgewars and can experience the little struggle that regular player may encounter (btw clone bugs ain't fixed perfectly yet according to 'Captain Proton' =_= (he had it several times, while I'm around to witness, I'm surprised tho), I hope devs already knew/I already report that... again).

As you know, I've reported some couple of MAJOR bugs that nobody EVER give a FUME (triggered) to tell devs about, making me wonder how could and WHY these bugs with such size haven't been reported till this far (0.9.22, it's been a long way, cmon people: you want to see HW better but you... sorry, I'm too much). I think it's either people don't care to report or people wait for someone else to report it first, my god both way makes me sad. So that makes me wanted to give this lame advice =/ *ppl just too lazy to at least join the forum OR go to IRC and tell the big problem directly to devs*
sry if I offend something, my dear reader. I'm just a humble little boy with a potato, I mean no harm, consider me a harmless hedgehog, bark...

And back to the lame suggestion. I feel this way our community will be stronger (after spending most of the time around something else non-HW). It's not mandatory but minimum ~an hour for devs to play/see each other in the online play. (declare the condition yourself, this just a suggestion, not a police)

Think about this: I spend most of the time doing something else like watching cartoons and movies, playing other game ~too~ (e.g: Stardew Valley, hi Armagon (I'm sad, dying inside)), or just derping around somewhere in the internet/my potato -> This make the hiatus of my project - BUT when I play Hedgewars again, I got concerned about my delayed HW-project, then I continue it, thanks to the revisit. This is just an example of how powerful a revisit can be even for some minutes without even playing, now do it with you guys devs: can't imagine how well it could be =)

ALSO, it makes people in online play could directly see you devs (not by a literal sense) and allow them to interact with you guys even in a short window. They may tell dev problem they may have since most of the chance people too lazy to go somewhere else but the lobby. Dev could also see 'The Trolls' (or Neo-Nazi group? mb?) of our time wasting their life disturbing innocent player (WHICH IS VVVERY ANNOYING, you know people around the world play this and expect it to be as humble and nice as possible, not seeing monkey ruining other's games (e.g: someone that asking things at the inappropriate moment, or just simply asking ppl to join his/her room with spam, or saying inappropriate words, etc ugh)). It's short, but it's frequent and simply worth the time =D

Not just Highlander though, we/you guys could do something unorthodox gamemode ppl won't even bother to try (cmon ppl, try something new!). Like: CTF (non-sinegun), WxW, Space Invasion(I challenge you!), or etcetera. Playing, reunite, and testing our beloved game at the same time! HOW AWESOME IS THAT ;O !?

Nah, though this is just a thought, A SHOWER THOUGHT! (gj, I remember this line)
Thank you ^^


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Hmmmm. Yeah, as deveolpers, we should be looking into the official server from time to time. I have been noticing some players instantly bombard me with bug reports the second I join.

It has become less extreme in the past, but it still happens from time to time.

So, I agree. More playtesting required. Especially when 1.0.0 is approaching, this is going to be very important.

I don't think we are organized enough to dedicate one particular weekday for it, especially with multiple developers showing up at the same time. Sad Smiley

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