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I finally decided to finish this. This voicepack is a collection of voice effects from various games, movies and anime, many of which are used in (dank) memes. Most of them come from myinstants.com. If you want some good awkward laugh, with a bit of cringe, this voicepack is for you Wink Smiley

Download: https://ufile.io/s5q67
Eternal (XD) mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d0cgctwi2im0uxi/Dank.zip/file

Have fun etc.

I was actually making a second version, where instead of voices there are sound effects, but some of them are too terrible and I don't feel like completing it :/

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I think it's a bit silly, but this shouldn't come as a surprise. Smile
It's kind of random, but that's probably the point.

I don't really like to use this for my own teams, I like “real” voicepacks more.

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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Yeah, it is fun to listen to those sounds, even though I share Wuzzy's attitude. (And I was quite suprised that I'm able to recognize some of the anime voices!)

But anyway, you gave me an idea. Or actually, the "Thug Life" track did.

When the team wins, all hedgehogs turn to those: Big Grin

Maybe in case of flawless victory they should wear those pixel glasses from "Thug Life" compilations instead? Or maybe a single hedgehog could wear them for a second or two after killing at least 3 enemy units with 1 shot?

Wink Smiley

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mtg90pl allegedly wrote:
pixel glasses
OMG, now that you say it, I can't believe this game doesn't have these D:
It should be available as reaction, e.g. /dealwithit command.

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You've explored making the voice packs. Good for you.
I think you should try to record a 'sexy female' voice pack. You either need a girlfriend performing or a tool to change the gender pitch, like Praat or Bosca Ceoil.
Have a look at these resources also:

Have a melon.

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Heh. Wonder how that would work out in a hedgehog chipmunk voice.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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