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I am new to linuxmint but I was on ubuntu for last 6 years and I have a problem with hedgewars. I want version 0.9.21 because my friends have it too and so we can play multiplayer online but there is a problem. if I try to install it over .deb package it says: Dependencies is not satisfiable: libavcodec56 (>=6.11 beta1)Ilibavcodec-extra-56(>=6:11.1).

of course if I try to install this codec manual it needs this...this and this and so on forever until i came to: libp11-kit0 which if I want to install newer versions it must be unistalled and it want to unistall aroud 300 other things (I really dont want to do this, because after this half of the other things will stop working).

I tried to install libavcodec56 over ffmpeg but no luck. it install v53 or v54. any fast way to upgrade this codec or no?

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jackmarison93 allegedly wrote:
I want version 0.9.21 because my friends have it too
Um, so why can't your friend update the game?

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Sounds like you have a very old system. If possible, try to update your whole system first.
This will (hopefully) allow you to install the latest version, 0.9.24.

Version 0.9.21 is ancient, if you stay with it, you are missing out on a huge amount of updates.

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I'd add on to the comments about upgrading that LocutusOfBorg maintains packages for a bunch of old debian/ubuntu in his PPA.

You can usually manually install the .debs from there if there's a .24 for your release.

The other option is to follow our build instructions which is probably the most flexible way to run an arbitrary release. Especially if you keep dependencies to a minimum by disabling the server and video recording.

Feel free to drop by our chat for help if you chose to do that one.

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