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Okay, so I tested Custom Specialist today, and each character works, the playtesting went well. My one thought was if someone didn't know how to use the script parameters, they might have a little trouble, but other then that, it works great! Big Grin
Current scores for vs battles:
Soldier vs Demo: 2 for the demo, one for the soldier, but anything could tip the balance!

Saint vs Engineer: 1 for the saint, 1 for the engineer

This vs. battle is... The sneaky bois!
These Specialists are harder to use but could be the winning element in battle.
Same voting rules apply

Also, a question: If I download some Hedgewars DLC, but my friend does not, will they not see it? Do we both have to have it?
Thanks, everybody and have a great day

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Oh man. Sniper vs Ninja I have no idea. I'd tentatively say ninja but it depends on ability of ninja to hide somewhere very difficult for the sniper to get to. for example, under an overhang over water on the outside edge with no map wrap or bounce. The way some folks on server like to play, that is, enclosed maze map, ninja's advantage is cut way down in favour of sniper.

WRT configuring it, yeah, it isn't exactly convenient, but people could share their scheme files with others to download to the hedgewars scheme folder.

WRT DLC, if one person has DLC, but the other does not, they will not see it, it won't be selected in lists, and a desync will occur on attempting to start a game.

We do mark up some missing stuff in red in the lobby game list as a warning, but not everything, and ofc DLC can override basically anything in the Data folder.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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I'd say ninja, not that there's anything wrong with the sniper, but I simply prefer the rope over portal for transportation, and his Shoryuken, the in-your-face attack is more my style compared to the far range attack of the sniper.

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