Some thoughts on the training missions

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Okay, I checked out each of the training missions, and they worked out well. The tab and the shift took a second to understand, but that was the biggest. The rules and info on those little rule boxes at the beginning are a little small and hard to read, but I don't think that effects the overall gameplay.

Overall, Training missions work great!

I'm up for any playtesting Big Grin


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That's great to hear, thanks!

The small font issue is probably due to you using a huge resolution. We would need to scale all those texts in higher resolutions to make them readable again. This is a known problem. Sad Smiley

I'm up for any playtesting

Look out for the next beta or get in touch in the chatroom. Or just go online. :P

I have no idea when the next beta version will come.

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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