Galaxy Note 7 mod

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I had to create the Note 7 mod. When you throw it, and someone picks it up, then someone walks, IT EXPLODES.

It is a modified Hellish hand-grenade.

Who left that Galaxy Note 7 on my base? I'll try to reset it and make it my o- Aghh I LOST A LOT OF HEALTH WHILE MOVING WITH IT!

When installing the mod:
You can install a rule for the game to make Note 7's not explode at all.
In your cadet's field, you get Note 7 on section 2.

The mod isn't released yet so i will work on it the next day.

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Big Grin

<3 my note4 w/ its replaceable non-exploding battery

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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