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It's not full yet, but I want to post it anyway.


theme - Minecraft: added clouds, bridges (maybe glitchy)

voicepack - none

graphics - hats: added steve.png hat (I fix it next time)
________graves: added zombie.png (I fix it next time)
________flags: added cm_creeper.png (I fix it next time), search it in community flags (I decided to put flag in c.f., because you can easy find it)

memes voicepack - no news
objects in theme - learning the basics

I will pack all my materials in one .zip file because you'll get tired of switching pages.
Link to mini-pack:

P.S. 39 is a glitch of the file name.

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Nice to see you're still working on this, MAXIM2004. I dug up my old HedgeCraft style and gave it a try on your scheme! Fits nicely.

Hedgewars Developer

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Big Grin Good Map Wink Smiley

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