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For those of you who don't know what Xfire is (shame on you :p) it's a program for gamers that has a lot of useful functions. At the basic level it operates like an instant messenger, however it differs from your standard IM in that it allows in-game chat for many games. Basically this means that you can chat with friends without having to find a way to minimize your game or reduce it from full screen. Other functions include showing your friends what game you are currently playing, tracking how many hours you've played each game, taking screenshots, taking videos of gameplay, joining the same server a friend is playing on with the click of a button, and a whole lot more.

When I found out about the awesomeness that is Hedgewars, I wanted Xfire to support it so I made a topic in the new game ideas forum. I need lots of people to post asking for support so that the Xfire devs will take notice. I think that if Xfire supports Hedgewars it will help spread the word about the game as people will see their friends playing it and want to know what it is. If you already have an Xfire account then please post in my topic. If you don't, then I reccommend you get one. :p


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RabidPhoenix, I appreciate you helping us out in this way.
I'll sign up and post in the thread as soon as I have time!

Hopefully we'll see ourselves on Xfire soon! That'd be awesome Smile

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I'll join in, I'll do it at the weekend when my school's network doesn't block me from every site, and every possible workaround. :P

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xfire poll activity stagnates, please participate

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HW did it at last!!!http://www.xfire.com/games/hedgewars/Hedgewars/

please add your xfire accountname here:

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As I know Xfire is most notable for its ability to send and receive instant messages from inside a game in full screen mode, eliminating the need to minimize the game window. Users can also send in-game messages to other players without joining the game and are also able to see what games their friends are playing. When a user is not playing a game and wish to join a friend who is, Xfire can launch the game and join the friend's server automatically.


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will you make use of the xfire game sdk http://www.xfire.com/cms/xf_game_sdk/

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It should be active (didn't test with the 0.9.13 release build to be honest). Last time I tested, Xfire wasn't able to locate Hedgewars by itself due to a changed registry key, so you should check to see if Xfire detects Hedgewars properly. I'll try to revisit the Xfire SDK code once we've got our SVN access back (it's down at the moment).

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