New Multiplayer Rope Racing mobile game - Rope Clash

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Hi guys,
I'm working on a new rope racing game for mobile, currently at Beta stage
Trailer video:
Google play: … .ropeclash
I think the game has some similarity to Hedgewars, I would love to get some early feedback from you guys

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Hi, looks nice but too slow for my taste.
Check out hedgewars racer records replays for examples how hedgewars players used to play:
Also I couldn't always change the rope direction for some reason.

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First, I saw “mobile game”, and I was like “uh-oh”.

Then on that homepage I saw “offes in-app purchases”. Well, here we go again …
The cost for a single “thing” ranges from 1.09 € to 42.99 €, according to the webpage. Wow.

Let me just say I find this kind of business practice to be absolutely despicable. This is bad and you should feel bad. There are ethical ways to earn money, but this is not one of them.

I did not look how precisely the in-app purchases are laid out but I don't care. 42.99 € is absurd if you're not even buying the whole damn game for this amount of money.

Hey, here's a fun little question: What is the maximum amount of money the player can spend in this game overall? Like, is there even an upper limit? Or do you hope for the whales?

If you don't understand why this business practice is evil:

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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