Is it possible to set up an account system on a private server?

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For example, on official server, registered players can rejoin games they have left. Is that possible on a private server?

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To elaborate a bit, you pretty much just need to replicate what:


It might also be sufficient to force isRegistered in Utils.hs to always be true, but I haven't tested that.

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The short answer is: Yes.
The long answer is: Yes, but it's going to be painful. Just compiling the server won't be enough.

You need to compile the server with the OFFICIAL_SERVER flag.

Note that compiling a server with the OFFICIAL_SERVER flag and making it actually work is quite tricky. First, the easy part is getting a few additional dependencies (more Haskell libs basically).

But you also need to add a file called “hedgewars-server.ini” in the working directory of the server. I still don't know its exact syntax yet.

And finally, unC0Rr told me you also need to set up a MySQL database.

unC0Rr knows more about this. Maybe talk to us in the chat.

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