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Thinking about the Shoppa gamemode I figured that not only it isnt competitive for the presence of random factors such as the random initial position of hogs and the weapons in crates but it also doesnt allow strategies from the player.

So I thought at a simple solution that doesnt require downloading a new script and that can transform Shoppa in a competitive gamemode.
Here's is how you can do it:

Copy the Shoppa scheme and edit these gameflags:
-Disable gfSharedAmmo;
-Disable gfResetWeps;
-Enable gfPlaceHog;
-Enable gfPerHogAmmo;
-Enable gfInfAttack.

Copy the Shoppa weapon scheme and make sure to set only 1 hammer in the 'Ammo in Boxes' page, leave the weapon set as it is.


Some gameflags modifications removes the randomness of the original shoppa scheme and some others gameflags modifications allow togheter with the weapon scheme change to bring the strategy possibility to the Shoppa gamemode!

In this new mode you have to think with hammers.
Hammers does 1/3 of the target hog health damage so it will never kill a hog with the only hit.
Furthermore the hammer make a hole in the terrain that can allow hogs to hide in there escaping the possibility to be pushed by the enemy with the rope, so hammering a friendly hog could be a good idea in the right circumstances.
This gamemode will reward players that have yes a superior skill with the rope but also the one who can think at a good strategy in positioning.

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Competition and random factor are not exclusive, just look at Earthstone, or even league of legends (drakes)

For the rest of your post, i personnaly dont like destructible terrain in shoppa

But make the schemes, share it and play it online, i hope you'll have fun Smile

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