This game deserves so much attention

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The more I play this game the more it amazes me for its beauty but the more it amazes me the more I become angry thinking at how few popular it is.

Basically the only gamemodes that I play are the ones related to "The Specialist" and in doing that I recognize the true potential of this game, it has all the elements for allowing deep strategies and every kind of tactic through the amazingly high amount of weapons interactions.

Asides from the casual gamemodes i think the game shines in these ones that are strategic and that these aspects should be highlighted for making this game be more known.

Honestly, at least for me, its not hard at all to imagine this game being played competitively in big online tournaments.

I cant stress enough about this, this game has to have one of the most ridiculous Quality/Popularity ratio and its a shame.

In my opinion what this game needs in order to be more pouplar is to be advertised but not with just a simple new trailer but with a series of videos posted on Youtube in which a player explains the mechanichs, the strategies and the tactics of these strategic gamemodes while playing along, a gameplay showcase in which its important to have the player actually explain what it does, and not simply showing some random 2 seconds segments of explosions without context.
Thank you

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I totally agree!
A let's player would be a big help indeed, especially showing off actual mechanics. There are a ton of mechanics to explore. On surface level, Hedgewars might seem like a simple 2D shooter and that's it, but I think most players don't see the complexity below the surface with all the game mechanics and game modes.
Heck, I doubt even most long-time players even understand all of the official game modes (aka “styles”) yet. Big Grin

I think this game still needs new trailer. Hedgewars Tricks offered to make one, there's already a draft, but I haven't heard from them for a while. But I agree that the trailer is just the start.

I'm just completely inexperienced with marketing. I wish we had some people that could help us out.

Honestly, at least for me, its not hard at all to imagine this game being played competitively in big online tournaments.

We did have tournaments in the past, it was a long, long time ago. The possibility of tournaments is definitely there. But before we even have the chance of doing tournaments, many more players are needed.

Also, somebody needs to organize them. I'm not really a community organizer. I think tournaments have to be player-run then. But yes, the potential is there.


I'm going off-topic now, but FYI:

What I feel is a little bit lacking in this game is the singleplayer mode. Don't get me wrong, there is already a good amount of singleplayer content, but I feel the missions are currently a little bit chaotic, and it's not clear for new players where to continue after the tutorial. Difficulty needs to be made more clear. Also, a couple of game mechanics aren't really explored in singleplayer yet, so there are probably a bunch of interesting mission ideas.
I think a better singleplayer is also useful to just softly expose more of the more obscure gameplay concepts to the player, and just show off the game more, really. And there's a lof of gameplay to explore. If you really dive into Hedgewars, you'll see how complex it actually is. I mean, just look at the wiki. Big Grin
I'm certain we haven't even touched half of the concepts in all of the singleplayer missions yet. That's a lot of wasted opportunity. But it can be fixed.

But what's probably even more important for singleplayer is a smart computer player. Currently, conputer player is just “good enough” for a 1.0 release, but there are still some important weapons that the computer player is too dumb to use yet.

Hopefully I find time (and motivation) to continue working on this front. A good singleplayer mode is important especially since we're low in player count, I hope it helps keeping players excited while they're waiting for players made out of flesh and blood. Big Grin

That alone will not increase our player count, however, but it just will make me feel I actually accomplished something.

Maybe part of the reason why I haven't really tried advertising Hedgewars is that I first wanted to improve singleplayer more. But, to be honest, I was lately busy in other projects. 1.0.0 was a major milestone, so doing a Hedgewars pause felt appropriate. But I do plan to contribute directly to Hedgewars eventually, I just don't know when.

Don't misunderstand me: I still think this game is in good shape in 1.0. The things I feel lacking are not bugs or other serious problems. But it's stuff I want to have. Big Grin

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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