List of themes in wiki??

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Is there a list of built-in Themes someplace, maybe in the wiki?

Would be nice to have a preview of what they look like, which ones have a ceiling, stuff like that.

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Hi, I don't think we currently have theme previews at a glance anywhere. You could try using the land generator from the new engine to quickly get a sample, but it only fills the land texture and borders at the moment.
Generally, all the shipped themes are in Data/Themes of a Hedgewars installation, you can check for their configuration details. In particular, having a ceiling is not a property of a theme, but is determined by the land generator.

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In the wiki there is no list of official themes, but in the game you can see the list of most official themes. Themes that are marked with an asterisk are unofficial themes (e.g. DLC themes).
Some special themes are hidden because they are only really suitable as background decoration and not for land. An example is Eyes.

There is no built-in theme preview.

As the previous poster said, themes have nothing to do with the ceiling.

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Posts: 1861 is a list of themes... you can of course view the same thing in the Data folder of your Hedgewars installation. is kind of a theme viewer, at least the background and girders Smile

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There is no theme in Wikipedia.

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