Is PAotH canon?

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Hegdewars, of course, is a cartoony game not meant to be taken seriously, but who says that silly games can't have lore? This brings me to the PAotH comics (all very well done, by the way). Are those comics canon? Are they considered official Hedgewars lore?

Just curious Big Grin lol


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The PAotH comics by Star and Moon are definitely not “canon”.

The main reason is that they often make references to other video games. There are several comics in which the worms appear. That's a clear no-go for Hedgewars, obviously. Wink Smiley
Worms like in the Worms franchise do not exist in the Hedgewars universe.

However, the existence of PAotH is canon. This organization plays an important role in the "A Space Adventure" campaign.

The main "lore" of Hedgewars right now are the two campaigns and that's basically it. I like to see it that way that each campaign plays in the same universe, just at different places and times.

We only have 2 relatively short campaigns right now, but I do plan to greatly expand on that in the future. But I still need a lot of ideas on what exactly they could look like; no idea when progress will be made.

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