Debuff the Vamp and/or make it customizable

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Heya. Guys, the Vampirism setting is OP - 80% makes the more skilled players rule and the less skilled ones perish. Seriously, Vamp should be debuffed and/or made customizable - Vamplanders are really a dic soupcan in the arse in its current state. Debuff it to 50% (with that value being the default setting if it is made customizable). I really, really want fair vamplanders, which do not rely on skill, randomness and luck and are designed to be more player-friendly. Highlander is already a tough nut to crack, but Vampirism makes it way worse, I really hope that it won't be a "rule or null" kind of thing for players in an upcoming patch.

I wish you a great day and lots of kills in the war.

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I am mostly neutral on this. What do other players/devs think?

Personally, the best solution for me would be to make it changable via game scheme (among many other things. Customize all the things! Big Grin)

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