Attempt at a Poke_Shaymin(land) hat...

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On the 27th February, back in the year 1996,
the games ᴾⲕᴹⲛ Red & Green made their debut!
The ᴾⲕᴹⲛ franchise thus thunderously erupted,
soon becoming the splendid multi-media mastodon we know today.
A while ago I had in mind to make a few more hats,
but given the little time at my disposal (as well as my unresponsiveness &/or various distractions when I have it),
I decided I'd opt for one or two...& proceeded to
make just one, substantially completing it 2 days after ᴾⲕᴹⲛ day,
& post the blessed thing only now, the Pete-forsaken 7th (Lel).

As you may know, last year the franchise
kinda passed through a blue period,
with fans dividiŋ over Sword&Shield...
Amidst the mess, someone proposed (on Twitter, methinks?)
the usage of a new hashtag, #thankyougamefreak,
in order to show the developers gratitude for
their work & dedication through the years, albeit
in some cases the tag was used in ironic ways too.

As a loyalist buster, I decided I'd have a try
at makiŋ a poke_shaymin hat or two, so that
you could "dispense gratit00d" onto
thy enemies in the form of fireworks!
After a lenghty struggle w/ Inkscape, I made this... thing :

& honestly... I'm not too convinced about the outcome...

Anyone better at ink-scape, please do, feel free to improve this (G-Drive link here),
perhaps makiŋ the 19 frames, complete w/ blinkiŋ in the last frame,
& maybe an animated mouth...
(or make your own, better counterpart out of scratch... it's ad-libitvm rly).

Of course, this is copyrighted content, thus I don't think
I'm in the position to provide any kind of license (correct me if I'm wrong)...
but look, it ought be fair use! I'm sure it's no big deal, right...? ("^.^)

I made this usiŋ as guides & reference the existiŋ poke_ hats by ... *searches*... developer Koda
as well as Zoo_Hedgehog.png. Also calculated the differences
between colours from the hats & those of official sprites,
then applied said differences to colours from shaymin's DPPt/HGSS spritework,
hopiŋ to get it right... but again, didn't follow
said calculations too closely for the sake of visuals...
actually, w/ the dark green used for leaves & iris,
I pretty much kept adjustiŋ the values 'cause they
looked too light & too washed-out.

That, & some non-outer-border pixels have
semitrasparency whereas they oughtn't...
but those go fairly unnoticed in-game,
unless my eye-sight is quickly degradiŋ.

I MAY make more...
then again, it remains yet to be seen.
Thank you very much indeed for
your attention, have a good time!

⠇⠑⠇⠤⠵⠕⠑⠞⠕⠏⠁ ⠐⠭⠧⠎ ⠑⠝⠕⠇⠑⠍ ⠞⠎⠕⠏

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So much backstory only for one hat! Big Grin

If you drew it yourself, it is probably not a copyright violation. But I am not a lawyer … Copyright is complex and dumb.

As for Hedgewars, I think we have more than enough hats for now, I/we will be very picky about accepting new hats, no matter how good it looks.

The type of hat I am looking out for Hedgewars specifically is ... well ... actual simple (!) hats, i.e. just the stuff you put on the head instead of complex full body masks, facial hear and that stuff.

I like that you provided SVGs, that's always very good to see. Smile

Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile

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