What do you think about "X Team Each" games?

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I see them sometimes on official server. To be honest, I don't like them very much, because the whole point of a clan war is that several players play and win together, and the X Team Each games seem like ordinary games, because all clans have only one team owner. It doesn't seem to me to be different from hotseat game with yourself.

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Yea I dont like them too.

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I think it's mostly just a way to work around the 8-hedgehogs-per-team limit. So that they can have more hogs per player.

Granted it comes with additional side-effects (can never switch between all hogs at once, separate inventories, etc.), but I guess that can make things more interesting in some situations.

Especially if tag team mode is on, but I don't think anybody really used that one :P

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