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Hello, this is an improved version of the australia theme I made so if you are fine with it can I ask for it to be added in the DLC page?

Many things changed from the original idea, for example I shifted the focus from the Australia as a topic to the Outback.
Please make me know what problems does it have so I can fix them.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4rx3qwy8wpphshw/Outback_v1.hwp?dl=1

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Well, KIRA, good job on the theme shift. I'll keep both themes in my DLCs through - there are some objects absent in Outback that the original idea (Australia) does have (for example, the shark). I'd say both deserve to be packed together just like Snow/Christmas. Once again, good job and have the best of luck on your current thematic overhaul.

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Thank you Shadow_The_Worm. Feel free to keep the australia theme, I didnt like that theme anymore so I felt the need to change it.

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Didn’t test it out yet but this looks like a fine candidate for DLC. The quality rules for DLC are lowered (but not zero either). I hope to give a real review when I finally take real time for Hedgewars again.

It would be better to release this thing under a libre license (see also: https://hedgewars.org/node/6952) because I think all future packs in DLC should be libre as well. I want to avoid that DLC is slowly becoming more non-free.

EDIT: Oh, it seems somebody (I bet it was sheepluva 99% Big Grin) already put this on DLC. So it's fine then. Big Grin

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