Tag Team: Remove 'shared time'?

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So Shadow_The_Worm has nagged us about this for a while, and I think it's an interesting complaint.

So basically, it's about Tag Team. Tag Team is a game modifier that you can activate in your game scheme for custom games. And currently, Tag Team does these changes to gameplay:

1) Change the turn order of hedgehogs. Hogs of the same clan will take turns
2) The teams in the same clan will share their turn time

Shadow_The_Worm is very annoyed by the shared turn time and I agree. The biggest problem is that teams in practice aren't great at coordinating the turn time and if one team times out, the whole clan times out. This is very frustrating.

Now I want to ask what other players think?

My personal favourite idea is to just remove the 'shared turn time' from Tag Team completely and give every team the full turn time like before. Because I think the shared turn time just doens't work out well in practice. The fact that the turn order is changed is already a major gameplay change, it's weird that Tag Team does two different things at once.

Shadow_The_Worm suggested to keep the current "Tag Team" but optionally add a variant of Tag Team without shared turn time.

So what do you think? Should shared turn time be removed entirely or does anyone think it makes sense? Crucially, does anyone actively play with Tag Team and wants shared turn time to be the way it is?

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I like shared time because it encourages the, well, tag team aspect. Closer cooperation between the teams.
The irritating part is obviously where one person carelessly burns all the team's time.

I think the fix for this is to not use shared time (each team gets X seconds - 20, 30, whatever the scheme is) *BUT* any time you don't use gets applied to the next team in your tag team at the start, so they have more time to work with.

So: 3 teams, each with 20 seconds as per scheme settings.
Team A finishes in 10 seconds. Team B gets an extra 10 seconds, for 30. Team B finishes in 15 seconds. Team C thus has 15+20 = 35 seconds to work with.

If Team B had used up all their time, Team C would still have 20.

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