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Recording Voices for Hedgewars

As I have had a number of people firing me off private messages here, asking how I produce the voice packs, I figured I'd simply post my response here for all to see.

Before I begin my explanation, I'd like to go on record by saying I am by no means a professional at this sort of thing. Anything I relay here is stuff I have learnt through my own research and experience. If you are interested in contributing voiceover work to Hedgewars, don't be afraid to do your own research and experiment. While this work process works fine for me, you may find one that better suits you. With that all said, lets get to the good stuff!

This is the voice you'd like to see next!

A month has passed and we now have the answer to the question, "What voice do you want in the next release of Hedgewars?" With the poll closing yesterday I have tallied up the votes and determined their rankings based on their score. Every vote has been earning points, with 1st preferences earning 3 points, 2nd preferences earning 2 points, and 3rd preferences earning 1 point.

What voice would you like to see next?

G'day folks!
This is your chance to vote on what voicepacks will be included in the future releases of Hedgewars! For information on how to place your votes, read more!

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