Highlander game, weird freezing

Just a Highlander game. At the end the last hedgehog is frozen where something unexpected happens: The weapons menu is empty.
Well, at least it was unexpected to me …

See also:

Double Teleport Animation Bug

This demo demontrates a minor graphical bug in Hedgewars 0.9.20.

When you use the teleporter at the beginning of the game (initial placement, NOT the normal teleporter), you will see another teleport animation at the top left position of the map.

See also the bug tracker:

Top Sniper Bug

This is a short demo for 0.9.20 which demonstrates a bug when a hedgehog uses a sniper rifle on the topmost possible position on the map.

See the issue titled “Bad sniper line of sight and sniper shots when hedgehog stands on top of the map” in the bug tracker:

Copper Cup Bufon (AI LEVEL 4) v. Knights (AI LEVEL 1)

Big Grin Bufon 4-1 Knights Sad Smiley Bufon won Messages from owner: the very last hog in Knights got killed by a Cake Bufon wins flawless victory Geek Censored! Big Grin 3rd hog down from knights last hog remaning who will win? Frozen hog! another hog bites the dust from knights Frozen hog! 1 hog down from knights Frozen hog! 1 hog down from bufon Knight! Knights come in as underdogs Sloooowpoke!

Shoppa Cup Final Bufon vs Radissthor

2-1 bufon wins

Shoppa Cup Final Bufon vs Radissthor

Shoppa Cup Final Bufon vs Radissthor

sirTToby 1-2 bufon

sirTToby 1-1 bufon

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