If you want to report a bug, first please make sure if it is not already known to avoid duplicate bug reports. Use the forum search and search the Hedgewars Bugzilla bug tracker.

If your bug seems to be unknown, please create a new bug report here.

Include as much useful information as you can, such as:

  • What has happened
  • What you did before the bug happened
  • Your version of Hedgewars
  • Your operating system (and version)
  • Log files (especially Logs/game0.log)
  • How to reproduce the bug (if possible)

Alternatively, you can post a thread into the Support forum and prepend the title with “[Bug]”.
Report campaign bugs in this thread.
If the bug was known but you have new information to share, you are of course encouraged to post as well.

See also: Known bugs by release

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