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Server downtime on 12/28/2011, 10AM - 11PM UTC

There will be a power shutdown in the building where our servers are hosted on December 28th. I apologize to everyone who is planning to enjoy lots of Hedgewars over the holidays.

We are planning to have a replacement server at m8y.org due to this extended downtime. The DNS for hedgewars.org will be changed for the day, but you can punch in m8y.org for the server if it isn't connecting.

EDIT: Services have been restored. Please let us know if you see anything weird.

Two short downtimes November 1st/2nd.

We had a cooling failure in our server room so the rack needs to be moved temporarily while it is fixed.

There is a short downtime scheduled for 11 AM EDT (1500 UTC) for the first move. We're not sure when the move back will happen but it will be short as well.

There will be no need to move to a different server during this time because we will restart the default server immediately following each downtime.

Server Downtime on Thursday, Sept 29 - USA Time

The Hedgewars webserver and gameserver will be down for part(s) of the day on Thursday, starting around 8AM EST, for infrastructure upgrades in the datacenter where the server is located. We will bring the servers up as soon as it is feasible.

While the server is down, you will still be able to play at m8y.org. Since this website will not be accessible, please take note of this if you plan to play on Thursday.

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