This page contains only a sample of the Hedgewars contributers
not being included does undermine the importance of a contributors who would,could or should not be interviewed(example Uriah's Bio was not considered appropriate for all audiences even tho he is the main artist) those people however are welcome to add to this page or contact passstab for an interview


Name: Andrey Korotaev
Distro: FreeBSD Hellish Hand Grenade
Hat: ushanka and brain slug
Geek Ushanka! Brain Slug!

In 2004 unC0Rr wanted Worms World Party with additional features, the result, of course, was Hedgewars. Two years later he released it to the public (v.8.1). It had almost everything it has now, but less content.
Brain Slug!
Although he is less active today, he remains the leader.

It is not hard, as everyone else is doing very much for the project, and they mosly just need an advice sometimes [sic]

Legal Name: Igor Ulyanov
Distro: Gentoo (originally Debian)
Hat: fr_lemon

when unC0Rr was on a Russian developers IRC channel in 2008 asking for advice on a frontend, Displacer volunteered to help. he is no longer an active developer, but hopes to return someday.

"I think Qt is a best graphic toolkit ever"

Name: Derek Pomery
Distro: Gentoo/Ubuntu
Hat: BubbleBobble (Drawn for him by Tiy after donating to Hedgewars development)

nemo ran into Hedgewars while browsing for Linux games in December 2008. He liked it but saw issues such as pixel fields. Tiy suggested he fix it. and the rest is history

"I've worked on other open source projects, but a game is fun. There's that instant gratification of playing it"

The others include Audacious Media Player and Mozilla

Name: Vittorio Giovara
Distro: osx/ubuntu (<3 gentoo but it's alot of work)
Hat: pokemon and sonic series
Sloooowpoke! Sonic!

koda got used to using Linux preparing for a course on operating systems at a university. He liked really liked the concept of possibly modifying the sources and to be sure that the code he was running was fine, and took that approach even when he moved to Macs.
koda got into Hedgewars because he was looking for a multiplayer game and couldn't find any on Macs back then. When he found Hedgewars he was particularly annoyed that it wasn't available for osx, so he started making builds, and one thing leads to another...
Now he maintains both the osx and iphone builds. (of which the latter is significantly harder).

Distro: xubuntu
Hat: sheep!

A very fluffy developer.

Name: Henrik Rostedt
Distro: osx/ubuntu
Hat: wizard
Wizard Hat!
Henek's dad is a supporter of free software, so that's always been a part of his life.

He was always interested in games and modding, and wanted to mod worms, but it was too hard since worms was closed-source.

When he got older, he became more interested in Linux and started looking for a Free alternative to Worms. In 2009 he finally found HW. He started playing with his friends and looked into the code; After that he made his first patch (the flamethrower).
Wizard Hat!
He really got involved after koda asked him to redo the ammo menu. He's proud of his concepts that have morphed into scripts. One of the first things he inspired was milkade's random weapons script, which was a big hit.

Name: John Lambert
Distro: Windows/Ubuntu
Hat: Skull, mp3, WhySoSerious and naruto
Mp3! Why so serious?
A friend of mikade first drew his attention towards Hedgewars. Having played all of the Worms games, he thought he'd give it a try. Initially, he thought it was mediocre, but when he started playing online he realised Hedgewars had so much more to offer in terms of strategy and gameplay.

One thing he didn't like about Hedgewars was that it seemed to lack any good missions;there were only three training levels when he joined, and one of them wasn't even possible to complete. He slowly got more into the game, and eventually became a dev after he created some good missions for the community to enjoy. He developed scripted maps and gameplay modes like Capture the Flag, Highlander, and Space Invasion. He's also building up an archive of missions for a Hedgewars campaign mode.

"If I'm not experimenting with some new idea for a gameplay mode, I'm trying to challenge the other players to a match"

He is also the maintainer of the
release schedule

Name: Richard Deurwaarder
Distro: Ubuntu
Hat: no comment

Xeli's first FOSS experience was when his programming professor suggested he try Linux. He became a Hedgewars dev when he discovered hedgewars during the 2011 GSoC when he too on the task of making an android port, which he has been continuing ever since.

Name: Wojciech Latkowski
Distro: archlinux (previously ubuntu)
Hat: daftpunkguymauel and mp3
He first discovered linux when he saw compiz on his friend's computer. Since then he's dropped windows almost completely, but he still needs his "sezure inducing games"(sic) such as beat hazard.

When szczur found the IRC channel he started joining every time he got on the internet (not having a connection at that point). unC0Rr asked him if he would become a translator after the previous translator resigned. He has since translated it into Polish.

Name: Tobias Neumann
Distro: Debian
Hat: Lambda hat (drawn by Tiy for a donation)

burp's first computer experience was with with DOS/Windows, but he dropped it when he found a suse LiveCD in a computer magazine.

Back in 2008 when he was looking for Linux games, he found Hedgewars to be the most polished worms game. He mainly got involved with development because the server was written in Haskell, his favourite programming language. He also made the lua api, and the ressurector weapon.

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