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Welcome to the Hedgehogs Playground!

In the splash screen you can choose where you want to go! A local game to the left, with the settings chosen by default, or a network game, on right, to the official game server, or the fancy-game-building-facility on right bottom corner! No, no no, don't look at left corner now.

  • Local game: Play a game on a single computer. You can choose it if you want to play a single round against the computer or multiplayer with your friends or computer-controlled teams
  • Network game: Play a game across a network. Play in a dedicated server with your friends or play in the Hedgewars Official Server
  • Setup: Show the game settings
  • Videos: Show a list of your recorded videos (not in image; may not be available in all Hedgewars versions)
  • Credits: Click on the logo to show the credits of the game
  • Feedback: Tell us how much you love (or hate) Hedgewars or report problems
  • Downloadable Content: Community-created add-ons which you can download for free
  • Hints: At the bottom, there's a random hint for beginners
  • Exit: Exits the game

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