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I have comed up with some new ideas and I am publishing them here for you to see, review and debate.

* A minicar (like a little car, like the Hotweels or something like that) that works like the "Pie", but has no RC. Besides that, it would have the ability to, as it goes hitting the hedgehogs it would have to "push" them. In conclusion, it would be a little car, wich should not have a long range, and that can push a lots of hedgehogs (ideal when there a lot of hedgehogs near water)

* The lamp, wich indicates if the player is ready in the multiplayer and LAN games, instead of being a lamp, it can be an hedgehog (a bright one when it is ready, not bright when it is not). Kind of stupid, but, any way.

* The last idea would be that, if in a MP game there is a unfair amount of hedgehogs for one team, the admin of the game can put an option to nivelate them automatically.

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