Hedgewars Game Scheme Guide

Hedgewars has a multitude of game configuration options available in both singleplayer and multiplayer games. These options are contained in rulesets called schemes. This guide will detail how to make and modify game schemes.

To get to the scheme configuration, first set up either a singleplayer or multiplayer game room. It should look something like this:

Go to the “Game Options” box and find the Scheme drop-down menu. You may used a pre-configured scheme by selecting it from this menu.

If you would like to configure a scheme yourself, click the pencil icon next to the scheme menu. You should now see this screen:

Alternatively, you can access the scheme editor from the settings page (also a pencil icon next to the scheme menu).

Notice that everything is currently grayed out and unchangeable. This is because you are currently editing the “Default” game scheme. This and other schemes that officially come with the game are final. However, you may copy any scheme (official or otherwise) into a new one by clicking the “Copy” button (bottom). Alternatively, to make a completely new scheme, click the “New” button also at the bottom.

To edit a user-created scheme, first select it from the menu (bottom-left). The icons should now be colored:

To delete a user created scheme, press the “Delete” button (bottom). Otherwise, read on to configure your new scheme.

Options are divided into two categories: Game Modifiers (left) and Basic Settings (right). Click on any game modifier to toggle it on/off, and enter the desired value in any basic setting field to set it.

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