Switch Hedgehog


Use the “Switch Hedgehog” utility to select a different hedgehog in your team.


  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility


  1. Press Attack (default: space bar) to activate the utility. Spinning arrows will appear above your hedgehog. This does not actually switch your hedgehog yet!
  2. Press the switch hedgehog key (default: Tab) to actually switch to the next hedgehog

Note: As soon you perform any action with your hedgehog (walking, jumping, selecting weapon, etc.), the spinning arrows disappear and the utility is used up.

By pressing both the Precise + Switch hedgehog keys at once (default: Left Shift + Tab), you select the previous hedgehog.

Effect on turn order

After using a switch hog, this also affects the turn order. According to the rules of the game, the hedgehog that will be played in the team's next turn will be the hedgehog that is next in order from the hedgehog that ended the turn.

This means, if your turn starts with Hedgehog 1, and you switch to Hedgehog 3 and end your turn, you'll start with Hedgehog 4 in the next turn.


Since these are usually limited, only use Switch Hedgehog when you have to make a kill that turn, or when killing that hog will win the game.

If you are using it to avoid using a trapped hedgehog, remember that switching to the very next hog in the sequence will give you the longest time before you have to confront the trapped hedgehog again. The more you tab down the hog order, the less effective the switch is, since you might have to just do it again in a turn or two.

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