You think I'll die from falling, huh? Watch me skydive without fear, hogling!

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Invulnerable is an utility that contains your hog in a protective bubble in which they remain incapable of being hurt from many sorts of damage, including poisoning. The effect lasts for the remainder of your turn, allowing you to fearlessly tread among mines and sticky mines, and avoid fall damage. Finding a use for this god-like utility is normally never hard.

This won't however, prevent you from being knocked, dropped (or drowned!), or placed in an unwanted location by explosions or fires.


  • Weapon Slot: 9
  • Assignable as an alt weapon
  • Not affected by wind
  • Can't be aimed
  • Grants invulnerability
  • Not available if the “Invunlerability” game modifier is active
  • Ends turn: No
  • Crate type: Utility
  • Lasts until end of turn

How to use

Pressing the Attack key (default: space bar) after equipping the invulnerable utility will activate the protective bubble.

The effect remains till the end of turn. It only affects the current hedgehog. It does not transfer to other hedgehogs when using switch hedgehog (unlike vampirism).


Specifically, invulnerable protects hedgehogs from:

  • All forms of direct damage: Explosions, melee combat
  • Fall damage
  • Karma damage
  • Getting poisoned

Invulnerable does not protect hedgehogs from:


  • The protective bubble may shield your hog from fall damage, but this doesn't mean you can't hurt another hedgehog by landing on them at high speed or by dropping yourself on your unlucky victim with a rope. For more information on this tactic see the entry on teleportation


  • The invulnerable utility is only obtainable from crates in the Default game scheme


  • Release 0.9.10: Invulnerable added to the game along with many other utilities

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