Call for testing: First alpha release for 0.9.23

Greetings, testers! Big Grin

Here's the alpha (=preview) version of what will (hopefully) become version 0.9.23. We might post more test releases in the future.

Download 0.9.23 Windows alpha:

(See below for info on GNU/Linux.)

This is only an early preview version and subject to change! We want to use it to make sure the Windows version works, if there are any serious bugs left, etc. before we make the actual release.

Things we like to see tested:

  • Whether this alpha works at all Big Grin
  • How to make this alpha crash (hopefully not at all)
  • If you found any game-breaking bug
  • Whether you can start an actual game
  • Whether you can record videos
  • Whether the campaigns work

If you can at least reach the main menu, please use the Feedback button to send us your system information, write “0.9.23 Alpha” in the summary. Use this template for the text and say which of those apply (remove if you don't know):

I can start a game: YES/NO
I can record videos: YES/NO
I can start a campaign: YES/NO
I found a crash: YES/NO

For any crashes or failed attempts to start Hedgewars at all, see Bugs to learn how to send us detailed bug reports. Smile

Of course, we always appreciate feedback on new features. See here for a preliminary change log.

GNU/Linux users:
As always, see Building on GNU/Linux, which should still apply. But it is strongly recommended to run:

cd ~/hg/hedgewars/trunk;hg pull -u;hg up 8cc070640fd1;cmake .;make install

To make sure you are in sync with the Windows Alpha. Note you need SDL version 2 now.

Game doesn't run on Windows 10 x64. A message saying "Hedgewars.exe stopped working" appears. Is there any way to retrieve some debug info?

It happens when you have HWP files installed.

I created issues for all the crashes I found.


My School Stuffs takes all the time I got for months D:
Leaving Hedgewars with it's forum for awhile
When I "just check news"
I got something, really, both happy news and disappointment of my work
Which is
Hedgewars next update ALREADY Released ;|

Well, hope can install this new release
and check whether my work all the time in 0.9.22 is still working at all
or otherwise, this new release break them all asunder

But well, unfortunately
I Still in condition, where my school still sucking all my time
Cuz my school Exam still running until next week ;(

Anyway, good work for devs Big Grin
Wuzzy, I would see how big our new Hedgewars release Smile
After walking through all the busy time ofc

GL and HF with your Testing ( ^_^)_> !

@KoBeWi: Thanks! It looks like the Windows build is pretty much broken. xD

@UltiMaxKom: I don't understand why you are sad about the 0.9.22 release. What do you mean with “disappointment of my work”?

Lol, after some useless complicated mistake of mine
While in IRC I realize : Did something really bad -> Misconception
U know what is it xD !
But NVM...

"Disappointment of my work" -> Um, well...
I busy these weeks, and these months
So, my work (Secret RoA Project) NEVER moving from it's place for awhile
Its progress just, standing there D:
I'm doing nothing, never touch scripts anymore, never continue all my work
I feel really bad that the next release SOON will be release but I never leave my place ;/
Everyone running, I'm sitting here
That's a disappointment for myself ;C

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