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A little progress

I'd like to thank jaree for helping get this moving again.
Still needs balancing.

edit - updated the image again

0.9.18 released!

Happy Halloween everyone! AKA Hedgewars Birthday.

So it's been a while since the last release, so, quite a lot has accumulated.
Not everything that was planned has been completed, but hopefully future releases won't be a year apart so they should be added Soon®.
Right. On to the goodies.

* Hedgewars now has a campaign! It should hopefully be expanded and interface polished in future releases. This was a GSoC project.
* Another GSoC project, video recording! Use the 'r' key to start/stop recording video. Video management is on the frontpage.
* PNG screenshots, to make sharing screenshots more convenient.
* What would a release be without new weapons? The meat cleaver is the latest addition. The harder you throw it, the more damage it does. Cleavers also work well for climbing or blocking entrances.
* The AI is now a lot more evil. Set it to maximum level to get the full effect. It knows how to use cake, sniper rifle and kamikaze, as well as aiming shots to drown hedgehogs or do fall damage. It has also gotten more effective at a number of existing weapons, and can move around the map more intelligently.
* Drawn maps now have variable pen width, and an eraser tool. Note that the eraser does increase the size of the drawn map network traffic, so don't use it as a substitute for undo.
* Static maps no longer have size limits. Please use this sanely, since not everyone has a machine with 16 gigs of memory like you do.
* New missions such as portal and rope training.
* Customised team colours!

Something for the shoppa players

So, this was a relatively simple change, that while it should work ok, will probably require a bit of testing to avoid leaving out too many people w/ wimpier machines. We might even have to institute some sort of machine capabilities indicator for online play.
See Issue 394.
For people who didn't immediately spot it, this is a 4096x4096 map. The issue is for supporting variable map dimensions, this removes the limit on static map PNG sizes, apart from the limits imposed by SDL, your computer, and sanity.

xymeng's webgl cross-compile

xymeng's made a lot of progress on cross-compiling hedgewars to the web using emscripten. This is one of the latest builds. (note, this is the actual game playing in your web browser, not a video. it does require webgl) Oh. And yes, fullscreen doesn't resize the game window yet. That needs work. And yes, it should play smoothly at much larger dimensions, I just wanted it to fit in our tiny post area. [ NOTE. I've disabled this since there is an improved version now ]

0.9.17 Released!

Time for 0.9.17, or the belated anniversary release!

Well, initially this was supposed to be a quick release to fix a few bugs in 0.9.16 and throw in a feature or two.

But, things took a couple of weeks longer than planned, and along the way, some other fun stuff got added!

Let's see... New theme, Cave. Fight amongst translucent crystals in a cave underground, endless dripping builds up stalactites and stalagmites, and the light from outside illuminates the cold gray world.

New voicepack, Hillbilly. 'Nuff said? Yeehaw!

AI is now smarter. Now with the ability to switch hogs, you may find it is not quite as easy to defeat a horde of AI as it used to be. More improvements planned in future.

Frontend revamp. More attractive missions screen, timestamping and links in chat, DLC page refreshes on access, chat styling, and a fix for a frontend crasher.

Ice. This is for a future ice gun, but for now you can try it out on the bridges and girders of the Snow/Christmas theme, or on any static map with a mask that uses blue.

A number of small graphical tweaks. 3D modes should look more 3D now (clouds/flakes), girders don't leave windows when placed in blowtorch tunnels, static maps can now have background land.

Aaaand of course, the bugfixes...

See the ChangeLog as usual for a bit more detail.

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