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Space Campaign, Side Missions

Hi all! Today I am gonna show you the side missions that I have made.

The first one is for the Desert Planet. Our hero was searching for the device parts in a tunnel when suddenly the tunnel start flooding!
He has to be fast and reach the surface in order to survive. Also, as you can see, there are many mines around there but most of them are dub. However, our hero cannot tell which is active or not, so he has to be careful!

The second mission takes place in the Planet of Ice and more precisely in the stadium of Saucer flying! Our hero as a PAotH aviator cannot resist from trying to prove his skills. In this mission our hero has to use only the flying saucer and pass the red rings in time!

That's the side missions that I have made so far. I am going to reward completing other side missions with bonuses in the main mission but I think that I'll leave these 2 without giving such bonuses.

See you next week with more space campaign stuff :)

Space Campaign, Searching in the Sand...

Hi everyone,

As promised here is the desert planet's main quest map.

Another PAotH officer who's stationed there believes that the part may be very likely inside the underground tunnels. However, these tunnels are dangerous. There are many mines and other things dumped there. Also, there are many smugglers around that look for valuable things and they won't hesitate to attack our hero in order to rob him.

In order for the hero to complete the mission he has to find the correct crate that contains the lost part.

Here is a video. As you'll see you have to watch your steps as there are some places with many mines around :)

Now, I can't say in which crate the part is but as you can see in the map it's possible to choose different ways to reach each place.

See you next week with more stuff about the campaign! Don't forget to check the TheGT 13' and send me any suggestions that you may have regarding the campaign.

Space Campaign, Welcome to the planet of frost

Hi all,

I've been silent the last couple weeks. Unfortunately my work have left a bit behind due to some personal issues but I am working extra hard to get back on schedule.

I have finished just today the ice planet mission. Here you can have a peek at the map.

Story is that the bandits' leader (blue hogs) have accidentally found a part of the anti-gravity device and now our hero has to take it back.
However things aren't so easy as due to the extreme cold most of hero's weapons don't work, especially near to the bandits' lair.

In order for the hero to get to the bandits' leader he has to obtain a weapon that can work in that extreme environment. This weapon is located in the crate below the hero.

Other than that I have started working in the main mission of the desert planet. The only thing that I can reveal to you for the moment is that is going to happen in a maze-like map.

Hopefully I'll finish it the next few days and come back with more interesting details the next week.

Don't forget to send me your feedback and/or tell me about ideas/things that you would like to see in the campaign.

See you around!

Space Campaign First Mission, Moon


I was working the first real mission the past few days. Hero visits the PAoTH station at moon to refuel his flying saucer.

There he is about to meet some PAoTH people that are instructed to help him.
However, the notorious professor Hogevil has arrived first and has set an ambush.

In this mission the Hero has to get some weapons and neutralize the enemies in order to rescue the PAoTH astronauts.

Here is a picture of the map. I am thinking of some changes but overall it will seems like that.


I have finished most of this mission. There are some details that I have to take care of and some decisions regarding how hard the "battle" will be.

Here is a video that displays climbing to the platform, where the weapons are placed, with rope.

What do you think about the difficulty of climbing? Should be harder? By the way there is a checkpoint in that platform, so once you reach there if you later lose, you'll re spawn there.

That's all for now. I'll keep you updated :)

Space Campaign Menu Map and Checkpoints

Hi all!

As you know the last couple weeks I have started working on the new space adventure campaign. Let me give a glimpse of what I am working on.

As I have mentioned in the forums there will be a special "menu" mission for the hero to move between planets. Here is a picture of this map.


You can see the hero's home planet moon and 3 more planet's(ice,desert and fruit planet). There will be one more but I haven't decided yet what will be the theme of that planet.

Other than that a feature that I am intending to use in the campaign is check points. This means that if hero hog will achieve some difficult or time consuming task in the game then his state will be saved and if he later fails then he'll be respawned to the check point position.

Here's a silent video regarding that:

In this video I demonstrate how checkpoints will work. When the hero hog gets to a specific place then his status will be saved and the next time that he'll load the map he'll continue from there.

In this example when we "play again" the hero will have to play the moon mission, so the game ends. There will be cases where the hero will be able to travel to another planet and play it's missions first.

So, that's for now, I'll try to keep you updated. As always fill free to send me your feedback :)

P.S.: Bonus! In the video you can see the campaign mission image and description in the front end campaign page!

P.S.2: I'll try to add sound to any other future video :P

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