"Big Armory" Completed!

Successfully completing the "Big Armory" scenario! Flying Saucer Hedgehog Big Grin

Swimming Underwater

First trying to swim underwater in an actual battle

Highlander on Ice caverns

Conno02 and I trying Highlander for the first time... We had a lot of fun, though I doubt we'd be able to describe what went on in our heads as we made some of these moves!

Thanks to the creator of Ice Caverns!

[Bug] [fixed] Undead hog

Hw 0.9.25

[Bug] Sticky Mine bug

[Bug] [fixed] Levitation

Hw 0.9.25

Tip: Pick hammer jump

Hw 0.9.25

Tip: Baseball Bat booster

Hw 0.9.25

[Bug] .25-dev bug

Epic corner case. Move the oppenent hog into the water as the game gets loaded (you can just press space bar), and you will see it. Also works in .24.1.

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