[] Struggling with Saucer Training

I know that shooting from the saucer is cool and all, but has anyone tested this? I had to use lua to get the replay sent

[Bug] [fixed] Parachute gliding


[Bug] [fixed] TechRacer fails to spawn gears

Demo of 0.9.23.
Evidence that TechRacer rarely fails to spawn the required gears in a turn, forcing the player to skip.

Players told me it can happen at the beginning of any turn with a chance of less than 10% (estimate from players).

Kami booster

Hw 0.9.23

Campaign: A Classic Fairytale - Mission 3

Campaign A Classic Fairytale walkthrough - Mission #3 The Journey Back [Assists]

Campaign: A Classic Fairytale - Mission 10

Campaign walkthrough - A Classic Fairytale #10 Epilogue

Broken demo

I can't play it. Ignore this demo.

[bug] Portals + world wraps

[bug] Cake + world wraps

Hw 0.9.22

Blowtorch booster

Hw 0.9.22

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