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get out there and swing!

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somethimes, love hurts

EPIC Dangerous Ducklings Victory

Dangerous Duckling is one of the rather easy Hedgewars missions.
This demo shows an epic way to win. It's a surprise. Big Grin

However, I did NOT do this intentionally.

(And yes, this is technically a victory since Instructor stays alive and is part of my team.)

This demo works with the current developer version only (between 0.9.22 and 0.9.23).

]{'s TTS v2.7 Demo


I make Demo for my Presentation in my new mode,,, TTS

This one play in TTS_v2.7


Ugh, my best try. I'm falling asleep.

P.S. Shoppa is ruined.

Sleepy Sheepy completes Shoppa Love challenge

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